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The process of using the Garmin services is quite easy and simple that can be accomplished by anyone. Before using any Garmin site, products and services, please read these terms and conditions carefully which will make you learn more about our procedures & plans. These terms and conditions will help you to decide if you want to use our services or not. After studying these terms and conditions, if you have any issue related to this, then we are requested not to use our website for any purpose including registering, visiting, accessing, downloading and various others.

The major objective of providing the services by the Garmin is to provide the users these advanced featured services near to them. We do not provide the paid service for free and free services for pay. For using our services, first of all, you need to register on our website. For registering, you need to provide your accurate personal identification information because fake information will not be accepted by us.

  • The services can be opened and used by the spectrum user only.
  • We provide extra links that take you to another website for your better understanding of the products and services.
  • We track the cookies of all the users that are visiting our website so that we can store your information and make your experience of browsing easy and enjoyable.
  • The content, image file present on our website is for information only.
  • We do not enable the user to use any part of the content posted on our website for their personal use.

If you belong to the region of the US, then we assure the 100 % level of privacy of the data that has been provided by you but in case if you are a resident of other countries, then we cannot provide any assurance that the privacy of the same level will be provided of the data that has been given to us. We are not responsible for the products and services provided by the third party links.

Any kind of purchase from your side will be considered as authentic. The products, services, trademarks, brand names are used for the purpose of referential and information used only. The company does not share information of one user with another user. Therefore, we are not responsible for any case of misuse regarding all the data that has been provided by you.

If you have any issue regarding your service or these terms and conditions then you can contact us by call or email as our executive is always there to serve you and provide you the best solution by keeping your needs and requirements in their mind that will be surely suitable for you.