Refund policy:

According to the rules and regulations of our company, if you have purchased a product and you are desiring to cancel or terminate any of our products and service then there are various rules that must be applied. These rules are given below:

  • If you cancel the order, then it will be canceled immediately with an immediate effect on refunding and your return of the amount that has been paid by you. This process is automated, therefore the amount that has been paid from your end will be returned in a short span of time. But keep this thing in your mind that the amount that will be refunded back is bounded by some conditions depending upon the protocols.
  • If you have purchased a product and even paid the amount in advance, then after canceling it, our executive is going to track whether the services received by you are not misused. They will meet our pre-defined criteria. After the criteria will be fulfilled, then the process of the refund will be processed and you will get your amount within 3 to 4 working days.
  • If the amount paid by you is not equal to the amount of the product or if you have applied any coupon or code, then the refunded amount will be the same as the paid amount. This means that the amount of refund will also include the discount if provided.
  • If the amount paid by is in cash, then the return option will not come in front of you as we never accept the services whose payment was made in the mode of cash.