Privacy Policy

Garmin cares about your privacy with a serious concern because we appreciate that security holds importance for everyone. Through the privacy policy, it is explained how we receive, save and use the data that the customer has submitted. By registering, visiting, accessing, downloading or using any third party link you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

The user uses any one of the above constitutes acceptance of the policy of privacy. After studying this privacy policy, if you have any issue related to this policy, then you are requested not to use our website for any purpose including registering, visiting, accessing, downloading and various others.

In the US, our organization is operating from the servers’ house in which all the data is saved and then processed that is provided by you. If you are from the US then, we assure the 100 % level of privacy to the data that has been provided by you but in case if you are from other countries, then we can't assure that the same level of privacy is provided to the information given to us.

The services provided by us are for your use and you can take extra advantages of these services by consuming them. We collect the basic information from you to verify that you are not misusing our services. We use your information for various purposes including future communication regarding your purchase; creation, operation, and management of your registered account with us; notify you for the launch of new product and services; resolve any dispute; monitor your usage of service, subscription and to protect against any illegal activity.

While registering with us, you may find any link to the 3rd party. So we clearly do not stand by the content they have posted on their links. We are not responsible for the products and services provided by the third party links. Therefore, purchase anything carefully.

Just keep one thing in your mind that if children purchase anything from our website and provide us all the correct details, then it will be considered as a reliable purchase on behalf of you. This simply means that in this case there will not be refund service available. We do not sell our services outside of the company to anyone. The company does not share information on one user with another user. Therefore, we are not responsible for any case of misuse regarding all the data that has been provided by you. The services provided by us are permitted to all age groups whether they are kids, teenagers or infants because on our website there is no presence of illegal activity.