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  • Trouble-free Support Experience
  • No Price Escalation
  • Coverage of all Garmin Components

How to Complete the Process of Garmin updates

Garmin updates are necessary for the improvement of the great Garmin travel gadgets. Installing the Garmin updates is quite an easy and simple task. The Garmin map updates are available in two formats. One is hard to copy disc format and the other is online download format.

  • Therefore, if you choose the hard copy format, then you need to order the disc from the Garmin and when that disc arrives at you, then you need to copy the disc in order to sync the device into your computer and join your Garmin to the computer.
  • If you choose the other format i.e. online, then you can download the Garmin map updates directly from its website.
  • The Garmin units that have LMT, LT or LM in the name of their model are eligible for the free lifetime map updates.
  • Therefore, before buying your Garmin, it is important to check the units and then buying after identifying it properly.

How to install Garmin map updates

If you have got Garmin map updates, then you will get a message on the screen from time to time, which shows that this is the time to update your Garmin software. Installing a Garmin map update is not very difficult. You need to follow a series of steps that are given below:

  • First of all, connect the Garmin to your computer with the help of the USB cord.
  • After connecting the Garmin, you can click on the check for updates.
  • After clicking on the button, you will get a list of maps and software updates.
  • After this, click on the updates that are compatible with your computer and operating system.
  • Select the Garmin to express updates and click on the install now.

In this way, you will be able to update your Garmin map updates easily.

How much are Garmin map updates?

Garmin map updates are available in two options. One is paid and the other is unpaid among which, we will discuss the unpaid options.

If you have a budget to own Garmin express updates, then you can also buy it. In this case, NUVI one time offer will be ideal for you. You can refresh your map just under $50. After paying for one time, the user will get the surety of having an updated address of the locations that have been downloaded in the NUVI.

  • But the paid option is not ideal for all because this option is quite expensive as we have seen, i.e. around $90.
  • This is available in the option for paying for the lifetime in which you can download and use the latest maps within a duration of each 3-4 months from its website directly.
  • But the disadvantage of buying so expensive deal is that it is available only for your computer and you will be restricted to take this version to your other devices.
  • Along with the disadvantage, there is an advantage also available of having this, that is that you will regularly receive the notification of update and you will carry the latest version of GPS in your maps.

How to get free Garmin map updates

As we have discussed above the paid option, therefore, let us discuss the unpaid option. It is hard to believe that the free Garmin GPS update option is also available but you have to believe it. The free update option will provide you a Garmin map update for free download. Though there is a caveat, for the NUVI owners, this option is the most preferable one.

  • This option is available only when you will update your software before the completion of the 90 days of the purchase and ownership.
  • For this, first of all, you need to connect your of a US NUVI with the help B data cable to the website of the Garmin.
  • After connecting, check there to see that you are eligible for the free update of not. If you are eligible, then you can install your update.

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To install the free Garmin GPS update, you need to follow a few steps that are given below:

  • First of all, connect your Garmin GPD to your computer with the help of a USB cable that is provided with the device.
  • After connecting, visit the page of Garmin’s find map updates by using the web browser
  • After visiting the page, select the automotive and click on the download map updater button. After clicking, the updates will start getting downloaded. Note that if you are not able to see the download button, then you are not eligible for the free update.
  • After downloading, save it to your desktop and double click on it to start installing the file into your device.
  • Sometimes, it requires an update in your Microsoft .NET framework, therefore, it requires any update then complete that before continuing to install.
  • If it does not require any update and installed successfully, then click on the search for the device. After clicking on this button, it will start recognizing your device.
  • After the device is recognized, read the information given carefully related to the Garmin updates and then click to continue.
  • After clicking on the continue button, you will get various prompts such as a free map update are available or a map update is available.
  • If you stimulate that your maps are up to date, then your device does not require any update and if you stimulate that a map update is available for purchase, then it shows that you are not eligible for the free update.
  • Do not plug out your device while installing or downloading the update because it can create a problem in successfully installing and maybe you need to install it again. If you plugged out then sometimes, it can take multiple hours to finish.

In this way, you can install the free Garmin maps updates on your device easily. If you are facing any challenge regarding the Garmin map updates, then feel free to contact us as our experts will help you in providing the best solution that is suitable for you.