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  • Trouble-free Support Experience
  • No Price Escalation
  • Coverage of all Garmin Components

What is to know about the latest Garmin GPS update?

Maybe a GPS navigator has reached your hands, and you don't know very well what to do with it. If you need to know how to update Garmin GPS, you are in the right place. Before getting to work, you should know that there are several types of maps, and therefore there are specialized GPS devices in each of these categories.

Types of maps that can be updated in a Garmin GPS

  • Knowing how to update GPS Garmin is not as difficult as many imagine, although it may require paying attention at every step to get it quickly.
  • It can be done from a Windows or Mac computer.
  • You can update GPS Garmin in the official way, which is downloading and using a free program that is known as Garmin Express, or you can install maps, which are created by the community from a website that is not affiliated.

Browsers for the field - They are called topographic maps, specialized in routes through the countryside. They show us information about roads, trails, shelters, rivers, waterfalls, contours, etc. They are the most complete maps there are since they show all the characteristics of the terrain. Within this group, we can find the following Garmin GPS models - Dakota 20, Edge 800, eTrex 20, GPS Map 64, Montana 600, Oregon 450 and some more. All these devices are specialized in topographic maps. This does not mean that they do not accept other types of maps, but their specialties are topographic.

Navigators for the road - They are road maps, these maps are not as complete as topographic maps, but they have a broader level of detail for cities and towns, showing us the names of streets, shops, parks, etc. They are maps designed to travel on roads, highways, and highways without getting on dirt roads. Within this group of Garmin browsers, we can find the whole range of models including Nova, Zumo, NU-Link, fleet, etc.

Nautical charts - These maps are specially designed to help us navigate aboard ships. They provide us with information on depth, port plans, shipwrecks, obstructions, restricted areas, etc. Some of the specialized devices in nautical maps are – echo-Map models, GSP-Map, etc.

Update the Garmin GPS navigator map

  • There are times that the GPS device itself does not accept more than 2 GB of memory on a map and this brings us a problem.
  • This is solved by updating the browser firmware.
  • To save us from possible problems and have the latest firmware supplied by the manufacturer, before proceeding to update Garmin GPS of our device, we will update its firmware.
  • To update the firmware, be guided by the following guide.
  • Once we have updated the firmware of our device, we will update the map.
  • The map, whether it is a topographic, road or nautical map, always comes in .IMG format and the name of the map file must be "gmapsupp.img".
  • This is as a general rule, then it has its variants. There are different ways to install a map in a GPS navigator.

How to install the Garmin Express program?

It is important to know before starting, that this process can take a few minutes. The instructions that appear on the screen are followed, so you can finish installing all the maps with Garmin Express. Then, when you have finished installing all the updates, you can disconnect the device from the computer, and then the device will already be updated with the latest version and can be used.

  • The file of the installation is saved on the desktop and the extension file is double-clicked to allow the installation wizard to be opened.
  • It is important to read the detailed T&C and its adjacent option is selected, to confirm that the detailed T&C are accepted.
  • Then you should click on the option of install and follow the instructions that will be displayed on-screen to finish the installation correctly.
  • The option “Run Garmin Express” must be selected when the installation has been finished, as using this way, the Garmin Express program will be installed, in order to use it and start with the update of the compatible Garmin device.
  • The GPS Garmin device must be connected to the system with the help of USB cable.
  • Click on the option of Install all, so that you can start with the installation of all the updates that are available on the device and immediately, the software of Garmin Express is going to begin the process of installing all the updates.

Troubleshoot Garmin maps update during the garmin gps update

  • To solve the problems that may occur, you must uninstall and install the Garmin Express again, if the app does not update the maps correctly.
  • It is necessary to know that when you install an old or corrupted version of Garmin Express, in many occasions can prevent the updating of maps correctly.
  • In some cases, it happens that the configuration of a computer's firewall may interfere with Garmin Express updates.
  • Then, the computer will restart, provided that Garmin Express has successfully installed any program update.
  • On some occasions, it happens that problems appear to update the maps if it fails to restart the computer after the automatic updates have been installed.
  • Given this situation, try to update the Garmin maps through the option “Update Garmin maps” in Garmin Express.

In this situation, you should run the software of Garmin Express, then you have to click on the "My Maps" tab, then on the "Application for Garmin map updates" link and choose the "Run" option. To continue to update the process, you must agree to the detailed terms and conditions pressing “continue”. Elect the option “yes”. Soon after the system choose the geographic location of the map which needs to be installed, press “OK” and in that way, the maps will have been updated.

So, now that you know how to update a Garmin GPS, there will be no problem in the future with the updates. Always look for the latest 2019 updates online. If you have any difficulty during the process of Garmin GPS update, you can contact the customer care team.